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Nicholes, Trask, Campeau, and McVicars Earn CPO Certification
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Monday, November 25, 2019
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As educators, we're well aware of how important our own learning is.  But did you know that board members are also required to demonstrate their own learning?  Similar to licensing requirements, board members must earn a certain number of professional development hours on specific topics during the first and third years of each term.  Most of this training occurs on Friday evenings and Saturdays, requiring them to be away from their families and jobs.  This is an incredible sacrifice and I hope we all recognize and appreciate that our board members are willing to serve on our behalf.  This, of course, is in addition to the normal two meetings per month, the Technology, Safety, Policy Review, and District Leadership Team meetings they serve on!  And, as you know, many of our board members spend a pretty hefty chunk of time in the schools as well.
At the Nevada Association of School Boards (NASB) annual conference, trustees Candice, Shella, Jess, and Angie earned their Certified Public Official certificates.  This means that they put in more than 70 hours of learning!  And they're all in their first term!  This is the type of commitment they have.