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September 2 Update on Return to School, Including Transportation and Nutrition Information
Posted On:
Wednesday, September 02, 2020

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Happy September!

This message is provided as an update on several items relative to students beginning school on September 8.

First, the bus routes are posted on the district’s website.  Kurt Lee and his team have worked very hard to reconfigure routes based upon the information received from families in July.  This takes an extensive amount of planning and preparation.  We have added an additional bus from McGill to Ely in order to preserve the physical distancing requirements necessary through the governor’s mandates.  In addition, the drivers have been trained on procedures to disinfect the bus after each route.  

As a reminder, students do need to wear masks while they are on the bus and it is the family’s responsibility to provide the mask.  Students will have assigned seats on the bus as well.  Space will be limited with almost no room for extra passengers. Schools and transportation team members reached out to each and every family in July to ascertain whether transportation was needed.  If you indicated that you need transportation, then a seat was reserved for your student.  Students who live closer than one mile from the school are asked to walk or ride with their families unless special arrangements have been made with Mr. Lee.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Lee at 289-4851 extension 7112. 

Second, the Nevada Department of Agriculture has announced that it is extending the deadline for all students eating free breakfast and lunch through December.  This means that each and every student, regardless of family income, can eat without cost to the family, including students who are attending online.  Online families can pick up grab-n-go bags at McGill Elementary between 11:00 and 11:30 and at WPHS between 10:30 and 11:00.

For families of students attending online, you should have received communication from your students’ teacher and or administrator by this time.  If you have not, please contact me immediately at 293-0584.  Online contracts, schedules, and course assignments continue to be worked on day and night by our great team.  We ask for your continued patience and cooperation as we work through the details of running a fully online program concurrent with in person instruction.  There will no doubt be kinks to iron out before everything runs smoothly.

For families of students attending in person on Tuesday, your teachers and staff are thrilled to see you soon!  As stated in our Return to School plan, it is everyone’s individual responsibility to make sure that safety guidelines are followed strictly.  We ask that, regardless of your personal beliefs, you support our efforts to have students back on campus by adhering to distancing requirements, administering the health screening each morning, and ensuring mask compliance.  We are very proud to be one of only four districts in Nevada offering a full in person return.  How long we are able to maintain this depends upon each and every person adhering to the guidelines with fidelity.

For all students and families, your caring and dedicated WPCSD staff has spent the last two weeks engaging in its own education designed to help us move closer to our vision of world class learning.  I am intensely proud of each and every member of the WPCSD team and the individual and collective commitments made to the students of this community.  I sincerely hope that you recognize and acknowledge this.  I am also proud of this community and the efforts so many have made to come together and push through a situation that is less than ideal.  We can put our differences aside and work for the good of our students.  And when we do disagree, we can do it kindly, respectfully, and in a manner that promotes solutions rather than divisiveness.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Labor Day weekend.  Let’s change the world!