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CSI Designation Elementary School
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Monday, October 14, 2019
Lund Elementary Report Card
Lund Elementary Report Card
Lund Schools is given CSI Designation

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Lund Schools has been given the Designation of CSI school. 

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) allows states the authority and flexibility to set policies, to create timelines for progress, and develop school improvement plans that meet the needs of its students. ESSA offers a favorable change from the “one size fits all” approach to school improvement by providing more flexibility in designating and the reporting school performance.  Lund Schools has been designated as a Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) school, which in Nevada are:

 The lowest performing five percent of schools based on an adjusted Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) index score,

 All one-star schools on the Rising Stars List, and

 High schools with a four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate below 67 percent.

Note: CSI schools are capped at two stars in their designation year, followed by a three-year implementation period.

School Responsibilities

Successful CSI schools will:

1. Complete a needs assessment to determine root cause(s) and set improvement goals;

2. Develop a CSI plan to address identified needs for improvement. The CSI plan is the school’s performance plan with the required CSI components included. The plan must be made with stakeholder input and must be approved by the LEA and the SEA. All intervention, strategies, and activities must meet ESSA evidence-based levels (strong, moderate, promising, or demonstrates a rationale);

3. Present quarterly progress updates on plan implementation to LEA support team and the SEA; and

4. Regularly engage parents and community members in the school improvement process.

This designation is in response to Lund schools not performing as well as we had hoped.  As I have reviewed the data over the last few years the pattern has emerged that our overall scores have decreased when we partnered with K-12.  In the partnership with K-12 their students became our students and they affect our overall scores.  Our school with our Lund students have done quite well. However, we can always improve and we will use this designation as a chance to improve our school even more.  

We received SB 178 monies this year and will be using those funds to help improve our Nevada Report Card by hiring an aide to work with the students using an ESSA approved program to increase students reading and writing.  We will also be doing literacy and math lunches/ evenings to engage parents in the learning process.  When completed I will post a copy of our School Performance Plan on the website to inform the public of the goals we have set for ourselves this year.

Stay tuned for more information and the opportunity to contribute to the success of our students.

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